We have been asked when we start taking reservations for the 2023 season. The answer depends in part on what you would like to book.

We keep Five Stand open year-round for clays shooting or instruction with access by snow cat when the snow is too deep for the Rangers. Return on your cross-country skis or return in the snow cat on a game drive.

Groups can book the Lodge year-round when shooting or cross-country skiing for two days or more.

We are now taking bookings for 2023:

• Groups of six to eight for Cast and Blast.
• Multiple days on the clays courses from June 1 to August 31.
• Multiple days hunting upland birds from September 1 to early November. Preference will go to those coming for our signature event, European Style Driven Shooting with Western Sensibilities.

At the end of January 2023, we will be accepting bookings for groups or individuals who want to come for the day shooting clays, upland birds, European Style Driven Shoots with Western Sensibilities or long-range rifle and pistol classes.

In effect, we will be giving priority to those who come with groups of six to eight to stay two, three, or four days shooting clays, upland bird hunting, rifle or pistol classes, or Casting and Blasting. We are finding that is the best use of the ranch and the shooting we offer to preserve the private, exclusive nature of a very special place. As we have said many times, our objectives include not only commercial success.

We measure success not by how many clients we serve, but how much our guests enjoy this special ranch and the shooting sports and, of course, our health and firearms safety record.

That formula seems to be working. In 2020 we turned away 48 clients. In 2021 we turned away 61 despite adding 50% more walkup areas and rangers. In 2022, we stopped counting at 100. We do not like turning anyone away but keep track of these statistics to encourage everyone on our mailing lists to book early. Early booking means our regulars get the dates they want, and we get to better manage bird supply and staffing. Thank you for your understanding.