It’s May (I know I can’t believe it either).

One of our regulars, Jeffrey, told us recently he couldn’t wait for June 1, our opening day. Neither can we, frankly, except for this:

That was one week ago. Scroll down to see what Station 6 looks like when we are open. 

It has been a long winter in the Big Hole Mountains of Eastern Idaho. It’s not looking good for us opening on June 1, but with 70-degree weather forecast for next week, we are ever hopeful.

The purpose of this newsletter is to let you know what’s available for those who want to shoot clays or upland birds with us at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch this season.

Bonus: If you read to the end of this Newsletter, you will learn what the owners of Lazy Triple Creek Ranch do during the off-season. Hint: Shooting in the UK would be a good guess as would fishing in New Zealand.

It is a fact that we turn away more potential clients each year than we accept, mostly because of our short season and limited capacity plus the fact that we put the private, exclusive nature of a very special place over commercial success.

Our message is once again, “Please book early.” That helps you secure the dates you want and helps us plan staff and bird supplies for your visit. Thank you.

If you want to shoot clays during the summer or a half day of upland bird walkup hunting in the fall and are not particular about the date, we can probably accommodate you closer to the date unless you want to shoot on a Saturday which does sell out early.

If you want specific dates, want to come with a group, stay in the lodge, or shoot our signature events, European Style Driven Shooting with Western Sensibilities, do not delay.

Please book now so we don’t have to tell you, “Sorry, those dates are already booked. Please come back next year.”

Here’s what’s available for the 2023 Season.