I have heard from several of you that you enjoy reading our Ranch News newsletters. Thank you.

Have you ever wondered if generative artificial intelligence could do this as well? Wonder no longer. I asked ChatGPT3 for an introduction to this month’s newsletter.

Here is the result, footnoted, in less than one second:

“People love to shoot or hunt at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch because it is an authentic western retreat that offers a variety of outdoor sports such as upland bird hunting, clay shooting, rifle and pistol training, and fly fishing12. The ranch is located in a dramatic landscape near Jackson Hole, Wyoming with breathtaking scenery and big skies13. The ranch also has a private lodge with 9 spacious bedrooms and 10 1/2 baths for guests to relax1.”

And in response to how I might communicate the unique experiences of participating in the shooting sports at our private, exclusive ranch; I got the following, also in less than one second:

• “You can tell them about the variety of shooting activities that the ranch offers, such as trap, skeet, five stand, sporting clays, rifle shooting, and hunting simulations to upland bird and trophy elk hunting opportunities12. You can also mention that you have professional instructors different levels of difficulty for each activity2.”

• “You can tell them about the natural beauty and tranquility of the ranch, which is located on a 2,200-acre property surrounded by sagebrush and forest13.You can also mention that you have a comfortable lodge with handsome furnishings and warm staff2.”

• “You can tell them about the unique experience of participating in a simulayed driven shoot, which is a traditional British shooting sport that simulates flying birds with clay targets or a real European Style Driven Shoot in the fall3. You can also mention that they can bring their own guns and accessories to complement the elegance and culture of the event3.”

• “You can tell them they can request a reservation online through your website and invite them to join you for a specific date4. You can also show them some of the positive reviews from previous visitors on Tripadvisor2.”

Not bad. Welcome to the future and welcome to our 2023 Season.

Here’s what we are offering for the 2023 Season: