We began on a serious note. We end on a sad one.

Bill Weiss died in Jackson, Wyoming on January 6, 2022. Bill was a partner in Lazy Triple Creek from the beginning. When Ron Saypol’s vision for a real estate development at the ranch failed, Bill Weiss stepped in as the managing partner and recruited Edward Watson, the Executive Director of the West London Shooting School, known also as Dr. Watson of the Shooting Gazette, to come to Idaho to lead the construction of the world-class shooting facility that is now Lazy Triple Creek Ranch. Bill, Edward, and our current Ranch Manager, Steve Sorensen, made Lazy Triple Creek Ranch and our world-class shooting facilities the very special place that Bill loved and enjoyed.

Edward Watson died in 2016. I understand Edward has a 14-station Sporting Clays course ready for Bill’s arrival which looks a lot like what we have at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch and is said to be truly out of this world.

Bill was a partner and a friend. He will be missed.

That’s all, folks.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay shooting.

The Team at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch