You have read lots of detailed information about shooting at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch. Thank you. We look forward to seeing you this season in Idaho.

You have now earned this bonus. So what do Hank and Joanna, the owners of Lazy Triple Creek Ranch, do during the off-season?

Fishing in New Zealand.

Not the first time for these two, but definitely an experience not to be missed. From stalking fish on the pristine rivers of New Zealand’s North and South islands to helicopter fishing in the South Island, the fishing, the food, and the local wines were all first class. Their return in January is already booked.

Shooting with Purdey, West of London.

Hank and Joanna shot at Holland and Holland’s North West London Shooting Grounds last year. This year they were with Purdey at The Royal Berkshire Shooting School,  further West of London.

Both were great shooting experiences with outstanding instructors. Many instructors claim to have been Madonna’s former shooting instructor. In Purdey’s case, their claim might even be true.

Purdey’s finest.

They will sell you a pair of not their best, but more than adequate guns for $100,000. A pair because no gentleman or lady should only have one.

Both are on approximately 70 acres of land with Purdey being the more rural, which allowed bird shooting as well as clays. The clays courses were more compact at Purdey but the trap machines were better hidden.

It is very hard to say which is “better” since both are great shooting experiences with great instructors. What we can say is the shooting is better at Lazy Triple Creek thanks to the hard work and vision of Edward Watson described above who was well-known at both locations.

Our challenge to both Purdey and  Holland and Holland is to come to shoot clays or upland birds at Lazy Triple Creek and tell us where you think the shooting is best.  At current season pricing, we offer 50% more shooting for 30% less for what we believe is a better shooting ground. Plus you save the cost of the trip to London.

That’s all folks.

If you would like to shoot with us Book Now! Or contact Hank at (917) 821-7210 or

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay shooting.

The Team at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch