We reached the end of the Summer clays season with shooters on our trap, skeet, grouse butt, crazy quail, Five Stand, and 14 station Sporting Clays course every Saturday since we opened June 1. Particularly good to see have been families shooting together. One young man, all of 15, brought both grandfathers and his father two weekends ago. Those are memories that will last several lifetimes. I’m envious. Both my grandfathers had passed away before I was born. Families shooting together makes families stronger and our nation stronger.

We have a winner. Several winners actually. John Hurst is Top Gun 2021 with a score of 90. Cindy Gee is Top Gun 2021 on the women’s side with a score of 66.

Congratulations to two very fine shooters.

John and Cindy each win three free Shotgun Saturdays next year. Runner-ups Danny Dannell and Gwen Garcia each win two free half-days. One free half-day goes to Russ Gee and Susan Hancock for being closest to the mean score posted for men and for women. Congratulations all. To everyone else who shot our clays courses with us this season, “There’s always next year.”

If you want to shoot with one of our instructors during the week let me know. Don’t ask Steve. He will tell you we are sold out this year.

Book any of the very few Tuesdays through Fridays open through the end of the year, and shoot with one of our instructors. Minimum two, maximum four. $390 per person for the half-day with an instructor. We supply loaner shotguns if needed, shells, snacks, and lunch for four or more. Arrive by 9 am.