Experience Something New

Our definition of a Family or Corporate Retreat is to withdraw from daily routine and to experience something new. When you step away from your daily routine and daily responsibilities you experience the opportunity to see each other, and the world differently. To do so successfully takes a special place and special experiences.  Lazy Triple Creek Ranch is that place. The perfect combination of luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, seclusion, and the opportunity to experience new things from Yellowstone National Park, hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, game viewing, and the shooting sports.

The Lodge offers nine double bedrooms, a commercially equipped kitchen, a Western-themed Great Room with high ceiling, wood beams, and a roaring fire. The large decks overlooking the ranch’s plateaus and canyons are perfect for outdoor dining or sitting watching sunsets. Three additional double bedrooms are in a ranch house down the hill. Commercial lodging is 45 minutes away.

The dining table serves as a conference table for 12 or more. Some prefer to hold discussions on the deck with tables for 12 to 20.

The goal is to take all your, your family’s, or your organization’s energy which is spread very thinly over multiple activities every day, back, to retreat, and to focus all those forces on something you love. From that focus comes new perspectives and inspiration. Then you put that inspiration into action bringing that thing you love to fruition. That’s the magic we see happening at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch sometimes in a not very planned or structured way, but always surprising way.

Corporate Retreats

  • Onsite lodging for up to 20
  • Nearby commercial lodging for larger groups
  • Conference facilities

Family Retreats

  • Beautiful location surrounded by nature
  • Quiet, private, relaxing atmosphere
  • Wide selection of family-friendly activities