We will be offering European Style Driven Upland Bird Shooting with Western Sensibilities for the first two weeks of the season in a modified format starting with instruction with clays high overhead in the morning at two locations, a break for Elevenses, two drives with birds at the first location before lunch, followed by lunch and two drives at each of two additional locations after lunch, ending with cocktails and conversation on the deck at the end of a very full day. That’s six drives at three locations plus a morning of clays high overhead at two locations and instruction all for $2,100 per gun plus 6% Idaho Sales tax and gratuities. No bird limits or additional charges other than your hunting license and gratuities for the staff.

Here are the dates remaining as of May 1:
• August 26: 8 pegs remaining.
• September 2: 6 pegs remaining

We return to our usual format for European Style Driven Shooting with Western Sensibilities of two drives at two locations, Elevenses, two drives at a third location, then lunch, followed by walkup hunting with fields full of birds from the driven shoots with a bird hunting guide and one or two well-trained dogs for every two or three guns. We will be modifying two of our walkup fields this season to accommodate either two or three guns by making two of our walkup fields wider and longer. As always, we end the day with cocktails and conversation on the deck. 

There are only two dates remaining this season for this traditional event:
• September 9: 5 pegs remaining
• October 28: 8 pegs remaining

We provide loaner shotguns for anyone not shooting their own guns, all ammunition, bird hunting guides and dogs, snacks during the day, lunch, walkup hunting after lunch, cocktails and conversation on the deck at the end of the day, and birds breasted, and vacuum sealed for your departure for $2,900 per gun plus Idaho sales tax of 6%, plus gratuities.

We will be offering driven-only shoots again in November, the same format as during August and early September not due to heat obviously, but because the elk will have destroyed most of our walkup fields by then.

We will run one or maybe two of our traditional European Style Driven Shoot with Western Sensibilities with walkup hunting if we can. We will make that decision in late October.

Thanksgiving weekend is available but only if we can put together a line of eight guns. That is our favorite shoot of the year particularly with families shooting together.