This year, in collaboration with the founders of Hammer Bullets, we are offering a class in precision scoped rifle shooting with George Harris on Saturday, August 19, and a day developing custom ammunition and validating external ballistics for your rifle with Steve Davis and Brian Holtmeyer, the founders of Hammer Bullets on Sunday, August 20. Book either or both days.

Stay in the Lodge for two or three nights with meals catered by our private chefs. Cost: $390 per room per night plus $250 per person per day for catering.  Wine, beer, cocktails, and conversation included.

The first day will be with George using our rifles and ammunition on our long-range rifle ranges shooting groups and ringing steel at ranges beyond your current comfort level from the bench and from improvised positions.

The second day, for up to four students, will be with the founders of Hammer bullets who will develop custom ammunition for your rifle and help you confirm the external ballistics out to 500 yards and beyond. You will leave with 100 rounds of custom hunting ammunition developed for your rifle plus the skills to use your rifle effectively and ethically at longer ranges.

$890 for each day plus ammunition cost of $300 to $500 depending on the cartridge for the second day. Sign up for one or both days. Maximum eight on the first day, maximum of four students with their own rifles on the second day.