Joanna and Hank were at Holland and Holland’s London shooting ground in April. Shooting takes place on a sixty-acre property one hour from London.

Well worth the visit not only for the shooting. We have never seen Holland and Holland’s finest shotguns before. Beautiful guns, but at 256,850 English pounds (approximately $335,000 for the pair) we may never see Holland and Holland’s finest shotguns again.

And then there are Holland and Holland’s renowned double rifles. Perfect if you are planning a safari in Africa.

Holland and Holland has been owned by Chanel for a number of years. It is evident they are more brand marketing people than gun people. The Lodge is relatively new and beautiful. We were told to arrive by 9:45 am. The instructor appeared at 10:30.

Here is one innovation we might adopt at Lazy Triple Creek.

Holland and Holland has recently been acquired by Berretta. Hank was offered a Berretta Silver Pigeon I shotgun to shoot, the same guns we shoot at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch. Perfectly fine guns but in hindsight, he should have asked to try the $335,000 pair of Holland and Holland’s finest. Shooting was good. The instructor was great, a world class instructor.

Lazy Triple Creek has more than double the number of targets to shoot but we do have 2,200 acres to their 60.

Edward Watson who designed Lazy Triple Creek was insistent guests not see traps. Holland and Holland’s instructors knew Edward well from when he was the Executive Director of the West London Shooting School and a writer for the Sporting Gazette. Holland and Holland did not or could not follow Edward’s advice. Trap machines were out in the open which was a bit of a negative.

The cost for 150 shells with an instructor for one person shooting for two hours plus the bacon butty and lunch was just over $600. Well worth it actually even though we offer more shooting for more time for $390 for a half-day on our clays courses.

If you visit, ask for Nathan, the Chief Instructor.