Our 2021 season is now in the record books and a record it was. In 2020 we turned away 48 clients. For 2021 we added 50% more upland bird walkup hunting areas and added 50% to our fleet of Polaris Rangers. We turned away 61 clients in 2021. That’s a good measure of how strong demand is for outdoor shooting and hunting experiences.

I am often asked for the reasons we turn away clients. Let me count the ways. Here are a few direct quotes which lead to a turn down. Spoiler alert: dates matter.
• “We are not interested in the shooting sports but want to stay at your Lodge.”
• “Do you have a spa?”
• “I am getting married in Jackson and want to bring my wedding party to shoot. Can we drink beer while we shoot?”
• “My group of eight want to come in September or October for three days to hunt upland birds.” (September 10, 2021)
• “How do we sign up for the trophy elk hunts?” (Anytime in the current year.)
• “Sign us up for the trophy elk hunt.” (Even if before the December 1 tag sale for the following year, we were more than 200% over-subscribed this year.)

So how do you get to shoot at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch and get invited back? The answer to the second part of that question is easy: Love the shooting sports and don’t be unsafe or a jerk. The answer to the first part of that questions follows.