Rifle Experience

There are two formal rifle ranges on the ranch and unlimited opportunities for shooting unknown distances with varying angles simulating real world hunting conditions. The covered rifle range features an eight bench firing line with shooting benches and portable rests to provide the most stable shooting positions for the shooter. Cardboard, paper, and reactive steel targets are positioned for each shooting position from 50 to 500 yards with remote cameras monitoring hits and misses at the longer distances. The second range features impact targets from 600 yards to one mile and beyond to challenge the accomplished shooter with unique terrain and atmospheric conditions.

Instructors are available by reservation for private lessons in pre-hunt preparation, rifle marksmanship, or general handling and operation. A variety of small group classes are scheduled with internationally known instructors throughout the year for guests. A few precision rifles are available for guests but there is no substitute for shooting your own rifle and ammunition. The ranch has an FFL. Reservations of equipment are recommended at the time of booking your visit to ensure availability. Handicapped accessible toilets are available on site.

Rifle Range Details

  • Covered Firing Points
  • 8 Shooting Lanes
  • Stable Benches with Portable Rests
  • Cardboard and Steel Reactive Targets
  • Range #1 50 -500 yard
  • Range #2 600 yard - 1 mile
  • Instruction available on request