The drive-in movie theater (named the Big Spud, of course) near Driggs, Idaho (Yes, there still are such things that are more relevant now than ever) has a sign out front that says, “Thank you for a great summer.”

The team at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch can say the same. Thank you. We concluded Shotgun Saturdays this past weekend and are launching our upland bird hunting season this week which thanks to those who love the hunting and shooting sports has us practically sold out for the 2021 season.

So are we sold out or not? The answer depends on who you ask. Ask Steve, our Ranch Manager, and he will say we definitely are sold out for the 2021 season. Ask me and I will say we can always accommodate a few more. In a moment I will tell you what might be available for anyone who wants to shoot in 2021. I will admit that as usual Steve’s position is closer to reality than mine. Interest and participation in the shooting sports at the ranch this year have been off the charts.