The upland bird hunting season opens on August 15 in Idaho. Our experience is that it’s too hot for the guides, dogs and those shooting for walkup hunting until late August or early September so we will be offering only European Style Driven Shooting with Western Sensibilities without walkups during the last two weeks of August.

We will be offering upland bird walkup hunting with guides and dogs from August 30 to early November. Arrive at the lodge by 9:30 for coffee, juices, pastries, orientation, and a safety briefing before heading out in one of our Polaris Rangers to one of our many walkup fields with a guide/dog handler with one or two well-trained dogs for every two or three hunting.

We provide loaner shotguns for anyone not shooting their own guns, all ammunition, bird hunting guides and dogs, snacks during the day, lunch for four or more, and birds breasted, and vacuum sealed for your departure for $850 per person hunting, sales tax, but not gratuities, included. No bird limits. No added charges for ammunition, loaner guns, or anything else except for your hunting license.