We are committed to being good stewards of the ranch so this special place can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Our agricultural practices are built on preserving and improving habitat for upland birds and big game that can be found in abundance in and around the ranch.

Working closely with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, our objective is to maintain an ecologically diverse environment at Lazy Triple Creek that will have a restorative impact on the environment.

The path we have chosen for sustainability emphasizes research-based practices and human experience over commercial objectives.

Through the ranch and ranch operations, we emphasize environmentally sound practices. These practices include capturing and sequestering over 40,000 tons of carbon each year. That represents the carbon produced by burning four million gallons of gasoline. Trees and corn are among the most efficient methods of capturing and sequestering carbon.

We are also stewards of the abundant wildlife that makes Lazy Triple Creek Ranch their home. Maintaining and improving habitats, as well as growing crops for food and cover for wildlife, are important aspects of what we do at the ranch.

We also support research that helps to guide others in being better stewards of the land and wildlife resources in Idaho and around the nation.