Everything a backcountry elk hunt offers plus world class accommodations and support

The four square miles of the ranch have only been hunted by the current owner and his son, highly successfully, we must add. The low hunting pressure at the ranch makes this a sanctuary for the elk herds of Bridger Teton National Forest during hunting season. Bachelor bulls and breeding herds of up to 200 cows, calves, and bulls make the ranch home during hunting season.

To ensure the sustainability of this resource, we plant food crops for elk, moose, and deer, and harvest a very limited number of trophy bulls each year as recommended by Idaho Game and Fish. We do not offer guided hunts but do provide the local knowledge a small number of guests need for the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Antlered elk season is October 15 to 21. Tags are available over the counter – no draw. Even better when your trophy is on the ground, call the ranch manager and he arrives with a front end loader and a two ton truck. Lazy Triple Creek elk have been first to the game processing plant for several years. Expert taxidermy is available locally.


  • Elk
  • Deer
  • Moose